Money Saving iPhone Apps

May 29, 2010

Apple’s iPhone may be more expensive then the average cell phone (they usually run from around $100 to around $300 depending on how much memory the phone has), but iPhones can save you tons of money with the many applications available on the phone.

Apps on the iPhone that you must buy, but will save you money!

1.  iExpenseIt (from FYI Mobileware, Inc.) – This app allows you to take a picture of your receipt using the camera on your iPhone, and the app will store the data from your receipt into the phone.  This app is a great way to fulfill the suggestions in a recent article about tracking expenses (click here to read that article).  You can also easily enter in data manually and keep track of your expenses instantly. This iPhone application costs $4.99.

2.  GasBuddy (from Bottle Rocket) – This app costs $2.99 but allows you to search for the cheapest gasoline prices in your area.  This way, you’re not driving around town, wasting gas and money, looking for the cheapest station.

3.  Save Benjis – This application will give you the prices of any product by simply entering in the model number of that product.  This is a great way to compare prices of different products to ensure that you get the best deal! This app costs around $1.

Apps on the iPhone that are FREE!

1. iPhone app – is a free personal finance service that will show you the balance in your bank account and on your credit cards if you enter in the appropriate information.  Open up an account from and if you download the iPhone application, you can keep an eye on your money from anywhere!

2.  Citibank, Bank of America & Chase Mobile (SM) – This is an alternative from going to the ATM. With this application, you can check the balances of your bank accounts and find what branch is near you.  If you also have aPayPal iPhone application, just enter in the recipient, and how much money you would like to send and you’re done!

3.  Grocery Gadget Lite FREE Shopping List Sync Groceries ( from Flixoft, Inc) – This free app allows you to make a shopping list with the prices of each item and save it right from your phone.  Keeping a shopping list and sticking to that list is Law # 10 of’s The 20 Laws of Saving Money.

4.  Yahoo! Finance – This application allows you to check stock quotes and business news right from your phone.

These are just a few of the many applications available for your iPhone.  Other cell phones offer other types of applications that can save you money as well!

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3 Responses to Money Saving iPhone Apps

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  3. Tech CPA on January 3, 2011 at 6:17 pm

    iDonatedIt is also worth a look. The app tracks, values, & reports your non-cash charitable donations, saving you hundreds in taxes.

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