Retail Sales Rise Slightly As Consumers Squash Spending


Consumers are still hesitant to spend money, amid a tepid economic recovery. The Commerce Department said on Tuesday that retail sales rose 0.2% to $439.9 billion in June, compared to a 0.3% rise in May. Over the past year, retail sales remain up 4.5%. Retail sales data is an important indicator of economic strength,...
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UPS To Change Its Pricing Policy


UPS will soon start charging based on package size, aside from solely package weight, the company announced last week. UPS already uses this pricing model for air service, but the new changes will take effect on December 29 for ground and standard services. The new pricing model, technically known as dimensional-weight pricing, comes just...
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Rise In Coffee Prices Finally Hits Store Shelves


The coffee commodity rally is finally making its way to grocery stores via higher prices. The J.M. Smucker Company (SJM), which produces well-known supermarket coffee brands such as Folgers and Dunkin’ Donuts, announced a 9% jump in prices on Tuesday on the heels of higher coffee costs. Arabica prices for futures contracts due in...
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Orange Juice Prices Are Squirting Higher


Orange juice prices reached a two-year high over fears of smaller harvests in Brazil and Florida, the two largest sources of oranges worldwide. Droughts in both regions have been driving up prices. Orange juice contracts for May delivery on the ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) futures market ended the trading day up about 1% on Wednesday...
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How High Frequency Trading Impacts Investors


As technology infiltrates equities markets, some investors are proving to be more adept than others at using this technology to their financial advantage. This technology largely surrounds high frequency trading, where complex algorithmic equations are used to analyze market data and make large stock trades. The algorithms find arbitrage opportunities that are sometimes only...
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GM Faces Further Scrutiny Surrounding Safety Recalls


General Motors (GM) remains in crisis mode as the number of recalls the company has issued continues to swell. Since early February, GM has recalled almost 7 million vehicles, largely surrounding ignition switch, steering and side airbag safety concerns. The latest recall includes 1.3 million vehicles over power steering issues. The defects have been...
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What You Should Check On Your Mortgage Statement


Buying a home with a mortgage comes with plenty of strings attached, aside from just interest and principal. While you’ll have a general sense as to what your monthly mortgage payment will be, this complacency likely prevents you from reading over the specifics of your mortgage statement. By simply writing a check each month...
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Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac Face Uncertain Future


While mortgage guarantors Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have turned profitable in recent months after its epic $187.5 billion taxpayer bailout in 2008, the future of these entities remains nebulous. As home prices have recovered over the past five years, Fannie and Freddie are expected to send $202.9 billion in dividends to the U.S....
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