Best Smartphone Apps for Back to School

August 29, 2011

With students heading back to school in the coming days, if you have an iPhone, you’ll want to download some of the following apps to make school life a bit easier.  Here are some of my favorite back to school apps:

1.  AroundMe: Use this iPhone or Android app to search for the nearest hotels and restaurants near you.  This is perfect for when your parents or friends come to visit you!  Price: Free

2.  iStudiez Pro:  You can create a class schedule using this  iPhone app to ensure that you always show up to class on time.  The app also allows users to create schedules of when homework assignments are due.  Price: $2.99

3.  Pageonce – Money and Bills:  You’ll remember to pay your bills on time using this  iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app.  Create a calendar of when your bills are due.  After all, paying your bills on time will help your credit score and prevent expensive late fees.  Price: Free

4.  Evernote:  Note taking has never been easier using the Evernote iPhone app, which allows you to make voice recordings and easily transfer them to your computer.  Price: Free

5.  iProcrastinate: It can be very tempting to wait until the last minute to write that term paper.  But by using the iProcrastinate iPhone app, you’ll stay organized and avoid leaving those homework assignments for the last minute.  Price: $0.99

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